What makes me happy is the appreciation of people around me.

~ Nadia Comaneci

Video Testimonials:



In May, 2016 I was diagnosed as having chronic urticaria (hives). I saw 2 different dermatologist, my primary doctor, allergist and they couldn’t figure it out. In Jan. 2018 I made a decision to quit seek alternative therapy (starting with accupuncture). I found Michelle at Wholesome Lotus and she was the one that finally helped me. As of now, July 2018 it has been 3-1/2 months since my last hive. She is so knowledgeable, kind and truly cares about my health. She has treated me with other issues as well and now I am feeling great. I would recommend her to anyone that has tried traditional medicine for a health condition that isn’t working.
— Susie K.
The atmosphere at The Wholesome Lotus puts one’s mind at ease right from the start. Michelle is a true healer. Two treatments and my pain began to lessen, so I plan on continuing. My wife is also receiving sessions for menopausal symptoms and getting excellent results. We both agree that this is the path we wish to follow, and highly recommend this path to others.
— James D.
Love Michelle. I suffered for many months with achilles pain and saw Michelle several times to help accelerate the healing.
Michelle is a very good listener and focused on treating me, the patient. She exudes calm and her practice has a very welcoming environment. I highly recommend getting a treatment from Michelle and the Wholesome Lotus
— Jennifer M.
I used to wake up in the middle of the night from post menopausal hot flashes. I felt constantly exhausted and irritable. I came to Michelle in a state of desperation after having tried everything! Michelle gave me herbal formulas along with acupuncture and after about two weeks the hot flashes began to diminish. I continued my treatment for a few more months and although it was a slow progression, I no longer experience the night sweats and I am no longer taking the herbs. So whatever she did took away all my symptoms and unlike other medicine, I was not dependent on the herbs. This medicine works!
— Janet D.
My experience with Michelle was deeply healing. Her space is very welcoming and inviting. I was able to go to a place of releasing emotions I wasn’t aware of holding on to. I feel blessed to have found Michelle!
— Michelle A.