#12 Akashic Records & how Souls Choose their Parents

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Candice S. Rasa , LCSW, IEThas over 10 years’ experience in therapeutic modalities such as art therapy, groups, individuals, and couples utilizing strengths-based, existential, and client-centered techniques to increase mindfulness and catapult soul-level transformation. Her areas of expertise include supporting healing from trauma, anxiety, depression, shame/guilt, relationship issues, self-worth challenges, and addictions.  Candice utilizes complementary and alternative interventions to treat clients from a holistic perspective addressing needs on mental, emotional and spiritual levels, not just from an individualized framework, but with an awareness of ancestral karma. Candice has participated in research studies measuring the effect on addiction treatment outcomes using JourneyDance, yoga, Reiki and meditation. In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Florida, Candice also studied at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and is certified in Integrated Energy Therapy, Akashic Records, JourneyDance, Channeling/Mediumship and mindfulness meditation techniques. 

Rasa Healing, LLC



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