#26 Psychotherapist Bette Galen discusses the Importance of Emotional Wellbeing

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Bette Galen has been a Licensed Clinical Social worker for 16 years. Her specialties include – women’s reproductive health, trauma, and life transitions.

Counseling in reproductive health issues includes the emotional, psychological, and relational difficulties that occur when individuals and couples have unexpected roadblocks to growing their family. 

She regularly provides consultations, education, and support for individuals and couples pursuing egg, sperm,  or embryo donation,  those seeking  a gestational carrier and those wishing to freeze their eggs for later use.  Each month she facilitates  a general infertility group and a couple’s infertility group.  In addition to working in her private practice, she is a social worker on staff in the Complementary Care department of a prestigious New Jersey  practice of Reproductive Endocrinologists.

When working with clients who have experienced trauma, be it infertility related,  or sexual, physical, or emotional abuse, Bette is informed by many  modalities of treatment including but not limited to  Internal Family Systems, Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Therapy for Relational Immaturity,  and EMDR.

As we age and grow, we all face any number of transitions – death or estrangement from loved ones, parenting or childfree living, divorce, or employment changes in these challenging  economic times. Learning cognitive strategies to neutralize negative thought patterns, building mind/body techniques to help with relaxation in order to get ‘unstuck’,  and learning to set boundaries, manage emotions and expectations, and operating  from your ‘best adult self’  can help while transitioning.

After  many years of working in the fashion business, Bette went back to school for her master’s degree in social work.  She had her own difficulty with infertility and is passionate about helping those going through that difficult journey. She is a member of The American Society of Reproductive Medicine, The Mental Health Professional Group of ASRM, a Resolve Therapist, and is certified in Internal Family Systems.


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