#29 Can Feng Shui help Fertility? Feng Shui Practitioner Angel De Para Answers

Angel De Para.jpg

Angel is the founder and chairman of Earth Luck International.  Angel trained in classical feng shui by world renowned masters of feng shui.  With over 30 years of experience and world wide study in classical feng shui, it may surprising that Angel has not always believed in this ancient study. 

Angel began as a man of science in the technology of aviation.  He is professionally trained and certified in the physics of aviation. He successfully own and operated ADP Aviation Incorporated for twelve years.  His clients included numerous FAA contracts and commercial airlines.

As Angel began to practice Feng Shui, he saw powerful results in the lives and businesses of his clients and this led him to create a full career change. 

Angel became fascinated with the mathematical application of the Classic Feng Shui theories and their ability to bring insight to human behavior, business environments, and environmental changes. 

Angel not only practiced feng shui but has taught and lectured extensively in the US and internationally


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