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#06 An A-Z Guide to Fertility with Author Sheila Lamb


Sheila Lamb battled infertility for six years before her dream of becoming a mother came true at 47. Before writing her first book ‘My Fertility Book – all the fertility and infertility explanations you will ever ned, from A to Z,’ Sheila founded an online fertility magazine called My Fertility Specialist – a quarterly magazine featuring articles from global fertility experts, latest news, book reviews, true stories and much more.

It was while researching for material the magazine articles, that Sheila realized there was a huge amount of information that people needed to know, and also how difficult it must be for people to find jargon-free, easy to understand information online – she had qualified as a nurse and midwife years ago and even she often struggled to understand numerous fertility terms. The idea of writing a book of medical and non-medical fertility and infertility terms in a jargon-free language was born. Many of the terms are accompanied by simple but artistic illustrations. As Sheila understands what you are going through, she also tells her own personal experiences of egg collection/retrieval, miscarriage, the two-week wait and more.

This comprehensive, useful guide will not only assist people who are personally battling infertility, but is also a fantastic resource for people who are planning a family in the future and, if you work with people or support people who are trying to get pregnant.

Accompanying this book is a free resource ‘The Best Fertility Jargon Buster; the most concise A-Z list of fertility abbreviations and acronyms you will ever need’.

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