#04 Using Visualizations for Fertility

The power of the mind cannot be underestimated!  In this podcast, I share about how using the power of mind has impacted my life and how the techniques I used can impact yours.  I go over a few highly effective techniques to influence your subconscious mind to manifest your wishes in life.  As always, you can contact me at

Resources mentioned:

"The Power of the Subconscious Mind"by Joseph Murphy


#03 Fertility Yoga with Susan Singer-Alfonso

In this episode, I interview Susan Singer-Alfonso, A fertility yoga teacher who has an amazing story of her own to share.  Susan teaches fertility yoga to women who are on the fertility journey for different reasons.  She incorporates breath work, meditations, mantras, and most importantly poses that work to align the spine and release tension that is held in many areas of the body.  These poses not only release tension but they also release held emotions in the body and by doing so create a space of surrender and harmony.  Susan can be found at www.iamsusansinger.comor

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