#34 Author & Energy Healer Aubree Deimler Discusses her Path to Healing Endometriosis

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After spending years in school pursuing degrees in Political Science and Business Administration, Aubree Deimler eventually fell upon her true passion...health and wellness. This stemmed from her official diagnosis of endometriosis at 29 years old. This painful, chronic condition spurred her inner researcher to find a solution.

Rather than follow the conventional suggestion of drugs and surgery, she took an alternative road on a journey of whole healing - on a physical, emotional and spiritual level... and the rest as they say, is history.

As her body started to heal, Aubree was inspired to share a message of hope on her blog at peacewithendo.com. 

She continued her education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) where she was equipped with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, personalized coaching and preventive health.

After graduating from IIN in 2014, her education didn’t stop. She delved more into the energetic and spiritual side of healing and learned how to clear and balance out energy through the chakra system.

As an author, coach, and energy healer, Aubree is deeply passionate about wellness and inspiring other women with endometriosis to reconnect with a life filled with love and positive rhythms.

She provides education and support for empowered women with endometriosis who want to manage pain through natural methods, increase energy, and find peace with endo.

To connect with Aubree further and to learn about upcoming happenings please visit www.peacewithendo.com.

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#24 PCOS & Endometriosis Nutrition with Dietitian Melissa Groves

Melissa Groves is an integrative & functional dietitian specializing in women's health and hormones, especially PCOS, fertility, & endometriosis. Her mission is to help women live healthy and symptom-free lives using whole-foods nutrition and lifestyle changes to regain regular periods without medications and optimize their fertility. She uses a functional medicine approach to figure out the root causes of her client’s symptoms, and together helps them develop a personalized plan to get them feeling better and living their best life.

She spent the first 15 years of her career working as a copywriter in New York City medical advertising, totally burned out on the high-stress lifestyle, and went back to school to become a registered dietitian so she could help other women learn how to put their health first. 

She has been featured in national magazines including HealthlineShapeReader’s Digest, and U.S. News and World Report. She serves on the board for Dietitians in Integrative & Functional Medicine as the Social Media Chair as well as on her state board. 

She lives in Portsmouth with her fiance and their 4 cats. She sees clients in her office there, or virtually from anywhere in the US.

Melissa has a freebie she’d love to share - a 5-day meal plan for PCOS that's high in protein, low in refined carbs, and full of hormone-balancing, anti-inflammatory foods: http://bit.ly/PCOSMeals


you can find Melissa on Instagram @thehormonedietitian. 

For more information about Michelle, visit www.thewholesomelotus.com

For information on the Wholesome Fertility Method online program visit www.thewholesomefertilitymethod.com