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#42 The Gift of Life’s Challenges and the Spiritual Journey w/ Spiritual Success Coach Monica Reyes

Monica  Reyes is  a  dynamic speaker,  and activist   for  compassion,   guiding   and empowering   leaders  towards   self-awareness,   spiritual  awareness   and purpose.   She  bridges   ancient   spiritual principles  with the  latest  in science  and braids   it  into   easily   digestible  and practical ideas.  

She   is   a   certified  Kundalini   Yoga instructor,  a Psychosynthesis  life  coach and an  attorney  who left  her  fruitful law practice   to   answer  her   soul’s   call  formore.   Her  background   allows   her  to easily  integrate  her teachings  into  the corporate and  athletic  setting. She  has worked  with companies  such  as Gucci, Ricoh,   NFLPA,   TD  Bank,   bringing  executives  and   professional   athletes  to look  within for  more  success, creativity  and  inner peace.  She  is a  TEDx Speaker  and has  spoken  in front  of  audiences ranging  from  small venues  to tens of thousands in all demographics and purposes with her message.

When she is not trying to change the world, she is enjoying her beautiful and growing  family, reading,  researching  and studying  cutting  edge practices  to help  her clients  continue  to grow.  She  is the  proud  mom of  Natalia  and Nikolas  and  wife of  Ian  Welsch, founder  of  the innovative arts-based youth development agency, The Motivational Edge and one of her inspirations to follow her passion.

Facebook: @IAMMonicaReyes

Instagram: @monicaereyes


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