Chinese Medicine

#05 The Ideal Menstrual Cycle

Chinese medicine has a description of what the ideal menstrual cycle looks like.  The menstrual cycle is at the core of fertility.  It is essential for a woman to have a regulated period and in this episode we look at what that means and what would cause it to be irregular and symptomatic.  

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#03 Fertility Yoga with Susan Singer-Alfonso

In this episode, I interview Susan Singer-Alfonso, A fertility yoga teacher who has an amazing story of her own to share.  Susan teaches fertility yoga to women who are on the fertility journey for different reasons.  She incorporates breath work, meditations, mantras, and most importantly poses that work to align the spine and release tension that is held in many areas of the body.  These poses not only release tension but they also release held emotions in the body and by doing so create a space of surrender and harmony.  Susan can be found at www.iamsusansinger.comor

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#02 Wu Wei, Chinese Medicine and Fertility

In this episode, I speak about Wu wei - a term that describes effortless effort and how it relates to Chinese Medicine philosophy and fertility.  This is one of my favorite subjects because I believe it is a depiction of nature at its' best - how it was designed to be.  It is the state of perfect harmony when the body and mind can effortlessly come into a healing state.  I also wanted to give my listeners a quick run down on the core of Chinese medicine which is the yin and yang.  Listen for a few tips to take home towards the end of the podcast.  

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#01 Introduction to The Wholesome Fertility Podcast

In this episode, I introduce myself and how I got into working in the field of fertility acupuncture.  I also share a brief overview of how Chinese medicine perceives reproduction along with three important tips that you can begin right away to increase your fertility health!  You can always find me on - feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have!