#40 Tuning into Your Body’s Innate Intelligence with Fertility Coach Tara McCann

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Tara McCann is a women’s health coach specializing in preconception health and fertility.  Tara struggled for over 2 years to get pregnant with her first child. All through that journey, Tara learned to trust her body’s intuition, nourish herself with food and speak up for what she knew her body needed.  After having her children, Tara found health coaching, and immediately knew this was the support she had needed on her fertility journey. She was so inspired, that she became a health coach herself in 2014.   Tara has been empowering women to nourish themselves and optimize their health for fertility ever since.

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#19 Intuitive Fertility Reiki Healer and Author A'ndrea Reiter

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A'ndrea Reiter (pronounced Ondrea Ryder) is a Holistic Fertility Expert, Reiki Master and author specializing in a mind-body approach to fertility. She uses a combo of reiki, intuition and mindset coaching to move women through the emotional and physical blocks impeding them from conceiving naturally. She's been published by The Chopra Center, Mind Body Green, Thrive Global and is a regular contributor to Fertility Road Magazine. Her book, How to Get Pregnant Even When You've Tried Everything: A Mind-Body Guide to Fertility is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Though based in Los Angeles, she helps women all over the world to achieve their dream of motherhood.  For more information visit

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